Henkel Ibérica S.A. Schwarzkopf Professional: Essensity



Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: Spain
Date program started/ended: 3rd - 29th October 2008

Product Description: Schwarzkopf professional was launching a new product range on the Spanish market, under the Essensity brand, the first 100% natural, organic line that could replace synthetic ingredients while still offering excellent results.

Advertiser/Client Name: Henkel Ibérica S.A. Schwarzkopf Professional
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

The growing demand on the market for organic and environmentally friendly products is a fact. However, consumers are not willing to give up quality and good results. For this reason, it was very important to show our target that Essensity products, made with natural ingredients, would offer the finest results. Schwarzkopf wanted to translate the benefits of their product in the communication.