The appliance of neuroscience

Phil Barden
Decode Marketing


This paper shows the importance of understanding, accessing and measuring the implicit system in the human brain. It shows how this can be achieved in a simple, user-friendly, cost-effective and scaleable way and how the results can be applied in day to day brand management, with powerful sales effects and better decision-making. It shows how methods and models used in traditional research are, at best, incomplete and, at worst, misleading.


This is not an academic paper (I'm not an academic); it is an attempt to convey the revelation that neuroscience holds for brand management. However I'm not a neuroscientist either, nor a psychologist. So why should you bother to read any further? Partly because I have spent over 25 years managing brands in total, at Marketing Director level in Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile, but largely because I have personal experience of applying the learnings from neuroscience to marketing in a pragmatic and highly-effective way. I've seen the large positive effects this has on brand sales. I've also seen how neuroscience lays bare the flaws in some traditional research models and methods and how, in so doing, it provides answers to hitherto unanswerable questions. In short, it works.