Kiwibank – Call to arms & join the movement

Category: Grand Effie for Sustained Success (Gold) & Return on Investment (Bronze)
Agency: Ogilvy
Advertiser: Kiwibank


Kiwibank opened for business in March 2002 and amassed 400,000 customers in its first few years. However, by 2006 it was ready to ramp up its communications and challenge the status quo with its unashamedly patriotic campaign. The sustained campaign has achieved outstanding success and placed Kiwibank in a strong position to retain current customers and attract new ones.


There were several challenges Kiwibank needed to overcome. It had started life as low-cost, low-service bank and was very new to the banking scene, compared with competitors who had been around since the 1800s. This, combined with the fact that most people are relatively happy with their bank and reluctant to move, meant Kiwibank's desire to attract more, high value customers was going to be a big ask.