The Near and Far of Proximity Marketing: The Future of Marketing Exists at the Nexus of Digital Signage and Mobility

Alex Romanov


When historians look back on this commercial and cultural period, they will likely describe it as a time when the barriers between the physical and digital experience began to erode. One of the hallmarks of this period will be the blurring of the lines between marketing channels, and the convergence and evolution into something new. Today, location awareness and mobility have added context to even the most ordinary actions, while social media and the mobile Web have added a layer of immediate human connection to seemingly straightforward commercial transactions. Point-of-sale signage has begun to incorporate interactive mobile communication capabilities, empowering consumers with relevant, actionable information in real-time retail settings.

This era is being ushered in by companies that are combining these technologies to effective marketing ends, and in the process creating limitless opportunities for revenue generation and ROI for consumer-centric businesses that engage in these practices.

Proximity marketing