Deluxe Honeydrop

Packaging Branded (Food & Drink)


Deluxe Honeydrop is, at its essence, an advocate for change. Inspired by his win over cancer, Deluxe Honeydrop's founder David Luks used his knowledge of the beverage market to challenge popular soft drinks with their sugary recipes, to create a truly natural thirst-quencher that was delicious as well as healthy.

Deluxe Honeydrop is now the bee's knees of the American beverage aisle. Sold in over 400 natural food retailers & co-ops, 136 Whole Foods markets and 32 private yoga & pilates studios1, Deluxe Honeydrop has rapidly achieved national success by defying design convention. Visually bold, emotionally evocative, and simple with its communication, Deluxe Honeydrop is what all the buzz is about.

In a saturated category, Deluxe Honeydrop is distinctive: breaking the 'artificially-sweetened' standards with an all-natural, honey-based, flavour-infused water.