Will people watch advertising on their mobile phones?

Andrew Green


The first mobile phone network was launched in Finland in 1971. By 2006, the number of mobile phone subscribers globally had reached 2.3 billion. Over one third of the world's population now have a mobile phone, a number expected to grow to 48% by 2011.1

By region, 96% of Western Europeans, 73% of North Americans and 26% of those living in the Asia Pacific region now possess this technology, with the fastest growth expected for Asia over the coming years, as China and India play catch-up.

Where once simply getting a signal to make a phone call was a challenge, 112.8 million subscribers now use 3G technology, giving them greater ability to access the internet or to experiment with video telephony, as well as to make phone calls. 3G subscribers are expected to increase at least five-fold by 2011.