Agency: SMART Author: Ashley Farr

Bic – Failsafe

Finalist – Campaign for Established Product Brands

Agency: SMART
Client: Bic Corporation
Product: Bic Pens


The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the value of understanding your target audience and finding ways of engaging them, even during periods that traditionally would be deemed a no-go time; exams. In a category that, in the high tech world we live in, is pretty hard to create new news in or any consumer excitement, that is, the humble pen.

This was not a brief met with any groans. Indeed far from it. The anticipation of being able to deliver great creative work meant every creative team wanted to work on it. And, it shows in the results and in the fact that the print was given a finalist place at MADC and the radio won gold at this year's Siren Radio awards.