The real story… behind Japan's reputation

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

The triple whammy of earthquake, tsunami and radiation has struck Japan hard but what of the reputation of brand Japan? The real answer is that people around the world are divided between ongoing admiration and deep concerns.

On March 12th like so many people in Japan my email inbox was choked with well wishers offering hope and assistance from around the world. One of the first that I read was from a colleague who leads strategic planning for our clients in Chile. She kindly sent me a great deal of information as to how McCann Santiago coped and helped clients in the wake of the earthquakes there in 2010. From that exchange we quickly developed a plan to link 100 of our top consultants from over 25 countries globally to help guide us as to how the world saw the impact of 3/11 on Japan, Brand Japan and Japanese brands.