KFC – Fresh chicken, fresh users, fresh growth

Principal Author: Jude Lowson – BBH

Contributing Authors: Ed Booty – BBH; Vishal Patel and Paul Dyson – Data2Decisions


In a tough, competitive environment and the depths of UK recession, KFC needed to tackle head-on the barriers to consumption amongst its occasional customer base and non-users. In 2009, following three years of growth driven by taste-centric communications, KFC faced challenging sales targets. To meet these, KFC decided to attract a wider audience who were currently not visiting because of concerns about the quality of KFC's food. In order to build quality credentials, the ‘Fresh’ campaign was launched, offering consumers a behind-the-scenes look into KFC stores, allowing them a first-hand view of KFC's dedication to fresh chicken and fresh preparation. The revised communications model achieved incremental sales revenue of £191.4m, for a return on marketing investment of 5.32:1.