Direct mail: a premature obituary

Drayton Bird

Recently, a writer in this journal (1) suggested that direct mail is about to fade away and be replaced by email. How likely is this?

Well, as Sam Goldwyn observed in one of his better lines, 'Predictions are difficult – especially about the future', but this does not diminish the enthusiasm with which people keep trotting them out.


Moreover, as all good marketers know, human beings tend to believe what they want to believe, so such predictions often come from people with a vested interest in their coming true.

For example, only a few weeks ago a journalist for a Dutch online magazine asked me how long it would take for emails to kill direct mail.

'Don't hold your breath', I advised him – and here are some reasons why, starting with a very enjoyable concert in Sydney last year, when, with 25,000 close friends, I saw the Rolling Stones.