Elevating the guest experience (Landor Perspectives 2011)

Lulu Raghavan

Chances are you've recently heard someone in your organization say, "We must focus on delivering superior guest experiences." But is anyone really taking steps to address this? If not, don't worry. You have more power than you can probably realize to drive positive change for your hotel brand.

All you need is awareness, creativity, and a commitment to action bundled with energy and belief in yourself. With these assets, you'll be well on your way to designing and delivering exceptional experiences that inspire brand loyalty to your guests. Whether you're a housekeeping manager or a sous-chef, a head of sales or a concierge, seize the opportunity to make a difference to your brand.


Begin with mapping the current state of affairs. Look at your brand from the perspective of your guests, rather than that of your organization. The quality and memorability of the experiences you offer matter more these days than having a best-in-class physical product. I can't recall the brand of the super-high-end TV in the Maldives water villa where I spent my most recent holiday, but I'll never forget how exhilarating the night fishing was.