Microsoft: Enterprise Customer Care

Wunderman Seattle

Entry Information

Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: USA
Dates program started/ended: March 2010 – March 2012

Product Description:

Enterprise Customer Care (ECC) is a relationship communication program built for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers with Enterprise Agreements (EA), renewable three-year agreements for organizations with 500+ users. ECC provides dedicated support and tools to simplify software deployment, and ensures that customers realize the full business value of their IT investment.

Advertiser/Client Name: Microsoft
Media Channels: Email



Marketplace challenge:

As rapid technology evolution undermines familiar software pricing and licensing models, traditional volume licensing is faced with new competitors. Technology changes such as mobility and the rise of cloud computing are affecting conventional licensing programs considerably. New, flexible pricing models like subscription-based services are also becoming increasingly common, especially in the B2B space, offering a compelling alternative to lengthy licensing agreements for certain products.