EBS: Investment Account



Young EURO RSCG is one of Ireland's most successful advertising and communication companies and employs 50 professionals across a full service business platform.

We represent a long list of indigenous Irish brands and not only do we represent these brands in Ireland but in many cases our brand building efforts have been exported to create successful Irish brands on an international stage.

The result is an agency with unsurpassed experience in the Irish market and an ever growing reputation abroad.

Young EURO RSCG has won many communication awards throughout its long history including many ADFX awards since its inception in 1996.


EBS, Educational Building Society

EBS is an Irish building society with a network of offices and agents throughout the country, a uniquely mutual financial institution in the Irish republic. EBS is run for and on behalf of its members. They number 450,000 nationally attached to a network of EBS offices in every county in Ireland.