Kaiser Chiefs: Redefining album creation

Jennifer Lewis
Wieden+Kennedy London


This paper is about how Kaiser Chiefs got people to value their music in an era when music is increasingly available for free. It's a paper that answers the question: How do you create value in the digital age?


The music industry has been notoriously slow to deal with changes brought about by the influx of digital formats; and piracy is a big problem. With so much music available online for free, how can you convince people to pay for it? For Kaiser Chiefs, an out-of-favour band looking to return to the scene after three years, this was a big challenge.

The answer came in realising that record companies weren't just losing money, fans were losing experience. The idea was simple: a bespoke album-creation tool that got the fans involved, and allowed them to actually make money from their purchase. It was a rich music creation and purchase experience, built for a digital environment.