Cadbury Dairy Milk: Getting India to love chocolate - Cadbury Dairy Milk's growth story of 2004-2011

Nirav Parekh and Ganapathy Balagopalan

Campaign details

Brand owner: Cadbury India
Agencies: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai
Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
Country: India
Channels used: Events and experiential, Games and competitions, Internet - display, Internet - general, Magazines - consumer, Mobile and apps, Newspapers, Outdoor, out-of-home, Point-of-purchase, in-store media, Print - general, unspecified, Product and other sampling, Social media, Television
Media budget: Over 20 million

Executive summary

This case shows how Cadbury reinvented the very essence of a product so that it became something different, and unlocked brand growth for Cadbury Dairy Milk.

This was accomplished by transposing culture codes that got consumers to view a familiar product in a new light – it became a new product, generating a new desire to purchase. The most interesting part of this strategy was that this was accomplished without making any changes to the product.