Agency: PWLC Author: Paul Stallard

Fox's Rocky – Halting Plummeting Sales in a Declining Market. How Rap Helped Rocky Sell with More of a Crunch


The scene: a high-level business conference populated by smart executives. The chairperson takes the stage . . .

'Welcome to the 2005 inspirational business seminar. It's a pleasure to introduce our keynote speaker. He's a rap star and a successful entrepreneur. He's here to talk about how he transformed the fortunes of his brand by making it more relevant to kids, without alienating their parents. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . Rocky R.'

The lights go down. The PA blasts out a funky hip-hop backbeat. Rocky and his entourage enter the room in a dazzling haze of designer suits and sparkling bling. Rocky takes the stage as the beats fade . . . (see Figure 1)