Accountability Needs for the Next Decade.
How can advertising accountability be improved?

An Admap debate between Simon Broadbent and John Philip Jones
Chaired by Neil Coburn of The Research Business International


It has long been known that Simon Broadbent and John Philip Jones take somewhat different positions about advertising: how it works short and long-term, how its effects are to be measured, how to make it accountable. Their various books, and many articles in Admap, indicate the points of difference between them, as well as areas of agreement.

On January 18th 2000, Admap mounted a debate between them in London. In the course of which they were to set out statements of where they agree and where they differ about advertising evaluation where it is now and how it should develop in the near future. Unfortunately, Simon Broadbent was taken ill the week before and could not take part; however, he had already prepared his material, and Colin McDonald with his agreement delivered his statement on the day.