Speed Read – The brutal truth about Asian branding, and how to break the vicious cycle

Joseph Baladi, John Wiley & Sons (2011) (view on Amazon)

The Brutal Truth about Asian BrandingINTRODUCTION

Asian companies have demonstrated agility, innovation and the capacity to produce high-quality products at speed. Few, however, have yet created powerful global brands.

In this polemical book, consultant Joseph Baladi draws on his professional experiences in Japan, Singapore, US and Mexico, to outline a strategy for development of the region's brands. He argues that the "American" 20th Century was characterised by brands that chimed in with consumer's own values and aspirations, and often achieved an almost universal appeal. If the coming "Asian/Chinese Century" is to succeed in shifting Asian economies from being export manufacturing led to being focused around domestic consumer spending, local brand owners will need to a new approach, Baladi writes.