10 shopper trends

Vanessa Hartnoll

Hall & Partners

Digital media have transformed the shopping journey and retail marketing has had to become ever more sophisticated, embracing emotions and CSR, writes Vanessa Hartnoll

From the downsizing of retail store sizes to the rise of the ‘purposeful shopper’, shopper marketing has rapidly gained populist appeal in client and agency boardrooms around the globe. In 2010, we saw it as a continual topic of conversation and a key pillar of strategy.

It's no longer just the early pioneers and advocates who are making it a marketing priority. There is an overall increased focus by retailers to add to their capabilities, resources, knowledge and expertise.

But to succeed in shopper marketing, we also really need to understand shopper ‘engagement’ – evaluating and understanding how shopper behaviour is being directly translated into action, and how shoppers are responding. Throughout our global research, these are the shopper trends that we have seen emerging.