Barclays Wealth Global Launch

Nick Strauss – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising


As an industry we often aspire to work ‘hand-in-hand’ with our clients to change a business from the inside out, with communications reflecting the new, market-changing, offering. This paper demonstrates that sometimes agency and client can work together to deliver the required internal change, a clear communications strategy and the resulting benefit to the bottom line. In 2006, Barclays merged its five wealth management businesses into a single organisation with a single brand, Barclays Wealth, and created the most financially resilient business in global wealth management, defying the global financial meltdown, growing even as its competitors were haemorrhaging clients and revenues. Its success is due to a radical category-changing strategy, efficient media planning, and a reinvention of the business and its culture, to produce an incremental revenue payback of £1.3bn over three years, on a media investment of only £8.5m and a marketing investment of £49m.