No contest: Twitter and Facebook can both play a role in branding

Allen Adamson
Landor Associates

For a week or so it seemed that the number of articles in the news about Twitter was going to surpass the number of articles relating to swine flu.

What is it about Twitter's mini-diarists with their 140-character missives that have gotten our shorts in such a twist? What is it about the 14 million users and counting that has this newest form of social media fast closing in on Facebook for popularity? Will it replace this longer-form venue as the public's desire to share information, both trite and practical, intensifies? Or has it reached critical mass?

I'm not in the business of predicting stuff like this, and that's not what I'm writing about. I am, however, in the business of helping marketers understand how to use media channels, digital and otherwise, to build their brands.

And I think Twitter and Facebook can both play a role in a branding strategy. Having said this, I also think that just as users think about Twitter and Facebook differently, so too should companies as they go about their branding efforts.