Kodak – An unlikely David – print and prosper: The 2009 Kodak Inket Printer campaign

Principal Author: Adrian Zambardino – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Contributing Author: Brent Vartan – Deutsch


This is a paper that demonstrates simply and clearly the power of zigging where others zag. As a challenger in the world of printer ink, Kodak could use its trusted and recognised brand to change the rules and dynamics of the category, and change its own fortunes as a result. Despite being a leading brand elsewhere, Kodak was a small player in printers, threatened by a downward spiral of poor awareness, sales and distribution. Insight revealed people felt ‘ripped-off’ by outrageously expensive replacement ink. Kodak's solution was to create an alternative business model, focusing on the idea ‘print and prosper’ in a fully integrated campaign from PR to TV, digital and point-of-sale. These communications exposed the issue of high prices and emphasised an alternative. Within a year, the campaign has quadrupled sales, increased the market share ten percentage points higher than a year before, and generated a payback of £1.43 for every £1 invested. As a result of this campaign the competition has either complained or reacted at Kodak's bold marketing strategy, and the winner beyond just Kodak are printer users across the country who no longer have to watch every sheet of A4 they print.