GfK Roper sees new opportunities for brands in the "non-linear" global marketplace

Joseph Clift

Since 1997, GfK Roper has canvassed the opinions of over 500,000 consumers for its global consumer trends survey, latest data from which was discussed at the company's 'The World to 2020' seminar in London in September 2010.

Addressing the seminar, Joe Staton, director of global trends at GfK Roper, said the last couple of years had proved to be a period of "incredible" societal, technological, economic and political change.

"This will continue, so hold onto your hats," he added. "That's why it's important to look at all the key dynamics that are taking place in the markets."

Staton also provided a guide to some of the topline trends likely to affect global societies over the decade to come.

He predicted the rise of a multipolar world, a "non-linear market" - with economic power not concentrated in a few nations, but diffused across many.