Singapore's Customer Service Reputation: 'Can You Serve?' Season Two - Making Service Matter

Fredrik Sarnblad

Campaign details

Brand owner: Singapore Tourism Board
Brand: Singapore's Customer-Service Reputation
Agencies: BBH Asia Pacific, Active TV, MEC
Country: Singapore
Channels used: Branded content, Internet - general, Outdoor, out-of-home, Social media
Media budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) saw a causal link between the quality of the country's customer-service standards and its attractiveness as a tourism destination. Consequently, customer service was an area of strategic focus. Previously, the STB had relied on a nationwide, traditional advertising campaign to improve service quality.

But to effectively address the underlying issue – service jobs' low social status in a society where perceived status was still very important – and enable the sector to attract motivated, young Singaporeans, more of the same was not an option. A campaign that could genuinely engage people and start to shift perceptions was needed.