Mobile research goes to the game

James Burge
Research Now
Sally Joubert and Georgia Phillips
Luma Research


The rapid advances in technology over the past decade have changed the way we interact. Whether it is on a personal level or the interaction between brands and consumers, technology has opened up so many more opportunities to reach out to each other.

One of the major advances has been the rise in the use and the capability of mobile phones and this is particularly evident in the Asia Pacific region. APAC has the highest percentage of smartphones globally (76%)1) and more APAC users turn on their mobile device throughout the day than the global norm.2) And this is on the rise with two-thirds (68%) of APAC users agreeing that compared to 12 months ago, they now use their mobile phone for more activities other than just making calls and texting. Again this is above the global average of 63%.3)