Mannaz: Sold-out


Entry Information

Country where program ran: Denmark
Program start date: 04/01/12
Program end date: 06/15/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Mannaz
Product/Service Description: PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSES – Mannaz is a professional course and seminar provider with high credibility in the market. Their courses in Project Management are well known and widely respected.
Category: Business and Consumer Services (BCS)


Business problem


The financial recession has cast its shadow on the market of seminars, courses and training of employees in general. Several providers of courses have given up, and those who are left are almost literally fighting to survive. With the consequence that many course providers dump the prices. The budgets for courses and eduation in most companies have been cut rather radically and the ressources of individual employees are seen better used within the company. Mannaz wanted to face the challenges through innovation and product development – by re-launching their previous "cash cow", the Mannaz Project Management coruse, modules 1-4. The desire was to re-conquer the leading position in the market as the innovative provider of high quality education – a leader who knows how to adapt to change and differentiate in the market. This should be done by introducing customers to a new understanding of the Project Management Courses, helping them to welcome the new changes made to customize the courses to the new standards in the market (New Normal) – and at lower prices.