Media Briefs: What To Tell Your Agency

Roderick White

How do you get the best media plan for your money? You have to start by giving the media agency a brief that it can both work to and work around, because a good agency will nearly always have more in-depth knowledge of the media scene than you, and it has to have room to interpret the brief imaginatively, to save money or to achieve better value (or, ideally, all three).

Increasingly, moreover, media planners are becoming 'communication planners' (2, 5, 6, 14, 19), because the demand for integrated communications is putting pressure on agencies to put forward 'media-neutral' plans that cut across or combine the traditional communication disciplines (17). This means that the media brief needs to work very hard if you are to get both value for money and the results your marketing plans require.

Let us assume you have selected your media agency, have established its ability and compatibility with your people, and determined that its technical and other resources are adequate for your needs.