Sport Club Recife: Immortal fans

Ogilvy & Mather Sao Paulo


Sport Club Recife is known for having one of the most passionate fan bases in Brazil, who would do anything for their club. For a Sport Club Recife fan, the team is their life. Our strategy was to push this passion even further, giving a fresh and emotional twist to a vital theme that is hardly discussed.

We created the first Organ Donor Card for a football team. The donor card keeps their passion alive through the lives of others. And, at the same time, overcomes the biggest barrier to organ transplants in Brazil: family authorization. The Immortal Fans project was launched during a football match and our rollout plan combined media, PR and digital.

Over 51.000 Organ Donor Cards were created, organ donations increased by 54% in a year and the waiting list for corneal transplants went from 1,047 to zero. The project was featured in national news and hundreds of blogs. Immortal Fans reached its goals of helping people get faster transplants and saving lives.