General Mills International: Trail View by Nature Valley

McCann New York


A brand with an underleveraged narrative

  • Since 1975, Nature Valley's core mission has been to deliver the best of nature. Until recently this was delivered through a food and ingredient narrative: "Nature at its most delicious." In 2011 we evolved this functional superiority narrative to a more purposeful narrative.
  • This was key in helping us re-cast the brand by moving from a position of "nature at its most delicious" to "inspiring people to enjoy the best of nature."

Creating a proprietary brand experience:

After a careful audit of all brand properties, associations and consumer passions, the starting point was to leverage Nature Valley's partnership with the Preserve the Parks Foundation to create and deliver an experience that was culturally relevant, valuable to people, and substantive to the brand's new purpose of "inspiring people to enjoy the best of nature".