The last word from the East: Eastward bound

Barney Loehnis
Ogilvy & Mather

The digital revolution has been a voyage of discovery, driven by those with the curiosity and desire to know the unknown.

Practitioners distinguish themselves by searching for solutions to business issues in the emerging present, rather than solutions informed from the past. That's what bonds the digital natives in advertising, be they the young or the old: the desire and courage to learn.

It's the driving force of my life – not to seek to replicate the known knowns, but to seek out the unknowns: to treat life as a journey and an adventure.

When I was 17, I flew to Istanbul and I walked back to London. I walked for 6,000 kilometres across Transylvania, the Hungarian plain, the Slovakian Tatras and north across Poland until I reached Gdansk on the north coast. Then I turned west through Germany and on to London.