Kmart: Ship my pants

Category: Retail
Brand/client: Kmart / Kmart
Lead agency: FCB Chicago
Contributing agencies: Bob Industries

State of the marketplace & brand's business

There was a time not so long ago when Kmart was the king of discount retail. But, in recent years the brand had become irrelevant with competitors like Walmart, Target and Amazon offering customers a clear point of difference and an enhanced customer experience.

A big part of the problem was Kmart's reputation for out-of-stocks. It's been estimated that ½ of all intended store purchases are lost when a customer confronts an out-of-stock item.1 And, while our customers love the idea of browsing wide aisles and discovering new products, when they decide they really want something, they don't want to settle for their second choice. In a world where getting exactly what you want is just a few clicks away, we could no longer compete if customers were leaving our stores frustrated and more likely to share their bad experience with others than to give us another shot.