Content marketing tips from Intel, Brightcove and Click2View

Low Lai Chow

Content marketing may be one of the hottest topics currently under discussion among marketers, but too many of them solely focus on the first half of the equation and regard the need to invest in distribution as a "dirty secret".

That was the view of Jamshed Wadia, head of social media for Asia Pacific at technology firm Intel, while speaking at SES Singapore, a conference held in late 2013. "A lot of people think: shouldn't creating great content be enough?" he said. "It's just 50% of the job.

"A rule we created at Intel is if you have $100 for a project for content, you have to spend more than 50% of it on distribution. If you don't have the resources for distribution, don't create the content. That's number one: we are not going to create content that we don't have a clear distribution strategy for."

Wadia was speaking on a panel with Dennis Rose, senior vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan at video platform Brightcove, and Simon Kearney, co-founder and managing director of content company Click2View. Together, they outlined various ways in which today's content marketing strategies might be improved.

1) Make content discoverable