New Opportunities in Austerity: RAPP on UK consumers' shifting recession habits and trends

Tom Bristow

RAPP, a UK ad agency, presented the latest findings from its on-going Opportunities in Austerity research at a briefing held in London in April 2013. The study's aim is to find out how British consumers' spending habits have changed in response to a difficult financial climate: the UK economy has suffered a double-dip recession since the onset of the global financial crisis towards the end of the last decade; meanwhile, fiscal tightening from the government, made in response to the economic downturn, has put pressure on household budgets.

The research showed that the spendthrift habits RAPP first identified in its 2010 study – such as households cutting certain items out of budgets or downgrading to cheaper versions of the same product – have become even more pronounced in the last two years.