Mobile advertising

Global mobile adspend is expected to grow to $36.9 billion by 2016, a fourfold increase from $8.4 billion in 2012, according to eMarketer. Nielsen data shows that a majority of users in key markets saw mobile ads every day in 2012; the highest proportion in South Korea, with 78%. Only in India did most users see ads less frequently, with 39% receiving them at least once a week. Mobile apps are among the most popular forms of ads, reaching 38% of users in China, 27% in the UK and 24% in the US. According to Google, media and entertainment accounted for 34% of all mobile app adspend in 2012, and drew 28% of all impressions; technology was second, with 19% of impressions from 18% of spending.

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How often ads are received on mobile phones
Among smartphone owners who have received ads
Source: Nielsen, The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot, February 2013