Toolbox – Conformity Motivation as a Marketing Tool

David M. Bersoff, Ph.D.
SVP Monitor Operations

“Be a Pepper”, “Everyone loves my Cocoa Krispies”, “Mikey likes it”, or “You've come a long way, baby” are classic examples of how marketers use the concept of social proof to persuade consumers to buy a certain product. We all know that at it's most basic, marketing and advertising are forms of communication intended to persuade. In the case of most advertising, the essence of the attempted persuasion is that you should buy a particular product or service. Social Proof, a persuasion tactic with a long and storied history, is evidence that I should buy or own or use a product based on the fact that other people buy or own or use that product. The proof or evidence that this product is right for me is the fact that other people have determined that it is right for them.