Predictive targeting: This ad is for you

Oliver Gertz and Christian Schmalzl
MediaCom EMEA

Predictive targeting is the new frontier of ad serving, employing smart data combined with large-scale multimedia buying opportunities

Personalised targeting has moved from simple contextual ads through demographic targeting into behavioural targeting and is now evolving into predictive profile-based targeting, with a new method of digital media buying - the trading of ad space by audience.

Audiences can now be defined based on up to 600 variables (including factors such as ‘interested in computers', ‘interested in buying a new laptop', or ‘has evaluated laptop model A and model B'), providing a level of anonymous segmentation previously undreamt-of.

We are moving into a world where consumers no longer see the same ads, even when they are watching or reading the same content. These changes represent the biggest revolution in media planning in our lifetime. To understand them, we need to go back to the beginning.