Royal Mail: Lolxperiment

Proximity London

Entry Information

Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: UK
Date program started/ended: 14/01/11 – 14/211

Product Description: Royal Mail is the national postal service of the United Kingdom. 'Social Mail' is the term used to describe personal mail- i.e. letters written by and sent between individuals.

Advertiser/Client Name: Royal Mail
Media Channels:
E-Mail and Instant Messaging


Marketplace challenge:

Like any traditional postal service, the Royal Mail of Great Britain has a problem. In a digital world, young people – their future customers – don't value 'Social Mail'. If they need to communicate with one another, they have a multitude of easily accessible, instantaneous channels – from dedicated social networking sites to SMS, IM, email and any other variety of online chat. For obvious practical reasons, the old fashioned letter -with its need for pens, stamps, envelopes and time delays of (shock!) days or even weeks – isn't just losing favour with the Youth; it never found it in the first place!