BFM 89.9: Heart attack in many forms

Milan Agnihotri, Ben Chew and Gavin Goh

Campaign details

Brand owner: BFM
Agency: McCann, Kuala Lumpur
Brand: BFM 89.9
Country: Malaysia
Channels used: Branded content, Radio
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Heart attacks are Malaysia's number 1 cause of death. They are not always very obvious and can come in many forms, and no two are the same. Only immediate medical attention can help. But the problem was, most victims did not recognize the symptoms early enough to seek treatment.

The reputation of a heart attack as a dramatic, chest-clutching episode needed to be broken. To do that, we used one of BFM 89.9's most iconic brand assets – its acronym-driven station IDs. The strategy: imprint the symptoms of heart attacks into people's minds in the same way a person might feel the symptoms of a heart attack themselves – as something that was almost familiar, but would catch you unawares.