Fear, Faith & Fortune: Approaches to innovation at the DMA Innovation Summit

Cila Warncke

The UK's Direct Marketing Association (DMA) hosted its first Innovation Summit in London in November 2012 – gathering together speakers from the worlds of design, psychology, marketing, retail and publishing to discuss the who, why, what and how-to of business innovation.

Innovation as concept

There is no school for innovation, according to Wayne Hemingway, partner in Hemingway Design, whose early career was as the co-designer, along with wife and life-long creative partner Gerardine, behind Red or Dead, now a global fashion brand.

In his presentation at the DMA summit, Hemingway noted that, like fellow British design legends Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood, he and Gerardine had no formal design qualifications. They built Red or Dead by following their own aesthetic and accessing an unlikely fashion source: second-hand clothing bought for pence from rag-and-bone men, which they re-styled and sold from market stalls.