The Feldwick Factor: Knowing when you have an insight

Paul Feldwick

Q As a member of what was formerly the research department, I now find my colleagues and I are tasked to deliver 'insights' to the brand teams. But we frequently end up arguing about what actually constitutes an insight. How do we know when we've got one?

Consumer Insight Executive, Packaged Goods Company

'Insight' has become a hugely popular word, and many companies regard the quest for 'insight' or 'insights' as a key factor for success.

At first glance that seems hard to argue with. But I've noticed for many years that it can be hard to pin down exactly what this means in practice. If we want the move towards 'insight' to be something positive and helpful – which I think it can be – we need to be a good deal clearer what we mean by it and how we talk about it.