The 8Ps of Luxury Brand Marketing

Rohit Arora
Bates Pan Gulf

What makes a luxury brand desirable? What are the ingredients/components that make up a luxury brand?

Is it the physical or functional attributes like product quality, craftsmanship, design, technology? As one respondent in a programme of qualitative research in UAE said "When you buy something with really high-quality, you can genuinely feel the difference. It is in the touch, the feel of the material; it's in the smoothness, it's in its minute details…"

Or is it the self-asserting emotional stimulation of letting others know that 'I've arrived'? One respondent said: "I bought my BMW, just to keep my key on the table during the meeting." Another said "If I stop at a signal I feel I will attract attention of people".

Or is it that luxury brands are just the stepladder to move to the right circle or an appropriate thing to have or wear in that circle? A further respondent said: "There is a proverb which says if you wear nice shoes you enter nice place."

Self-assertion, differentiation and appreciation