Sky: Finding the right route to an elusive audience


Customer insight helped Sky engage successfully with a new and hard-to-reach audience for the Sky+ brand.


  • The compelling insight that Sky gained about its new target audience — that it resisted the hard sell — formed the basis of a demonstrably effective campaign.

  • Using celebrities who would resonate with this audience to enthuse in their own words about the brand set the right tone.

  • Tying this all up into a multi-channel, integrated campaign made the whole far more than the sum of its parts.


Sky operates the most comprehensive multi-channel television service in the UK and Ireland, offering movies, news, entertainment and sports channels and interactive services on Sky digital to over 9.7 million households. One of its major services is Sky+, a personal video recorder launched in 2001, which allows up to 40 hours of TV to be recorded and watched later.