Motor Accident Commission (SA) – Creepers

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Adelaide


Speed is the biggest road safety problem we have, but in reality the biggest contributors aren't hoons. It's low level speeding that does the most damage. So how do you change habitual behaviour that people own up to but don't consider an issue?

We were successful by labelling the offenders, by describing their behaviour as unacceptable and the consequences as disastrous. We provoked self examination and a personal resolve in many people to break the habit.


1.1 Business Situation.

The financial costs around road safety to the community are significant alone without counting the social consequences.

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is South Australia's Third Party insurer, and provides $360 Million each year in compensation to road crash victims. If MAC can reduce the incidence of road trauma, they reduce the amount they are liable to pay out in compensation as well as positively reducing the social effects around death and injury on our roads every day of every year.