Storytelling: All the world wide web's a stage

Sarah Morning
Agency Republic

We should stop looking to Hollywood for inspiration and, instead, embrace the opportunities for interactive narrative enabled by digital platforms.

'There are,' the old saying goes, 'a thousand ways to tell a story', yet it has always surprised me how few ways to spin a yarn we marketers really know; how little attempt we've made to learn from, or explore other narrative disciplines over the years. We've always looked to the big screen and Hollywood as the home of great storytelling; we send our creatives to learn the art of narrative form; we share its directors, we share its actors; we even hold our annual awards festival in Cannes.

This entwining of cultures may have served us well while the 30-second ad ruled supreme, but in the digital world, we need to let go of our obsession with Hollywood. It's time we opened ourselves up to other storytelling disciplines.