Applegate: From mystery meat to meat you can trust

Category: Packaged Food
Brand/client: Applegate / Applegate
Lead agency: TAXI Inc
Contributing agencies: Swellshark and Station Film

State of the marketplace & brand's business

Applegate, a pioneer in organic and natural foods set out on a mission in 1987 to change the meat America eats. In a country that consumes over 50 Billion pounds of meat a year, this is no easy feat (source: U.S. Department of Agriculture 2013). And when it comes to one of the more disreputable meats, the hot dog, no one wants to stop and think too long about exactly what it is they are eating. Hot dogs are notoriously known as mystery meat. However, the mystery meat joke was not very funny after news stories about pink slime, slaughterhouses and e-coli outbreaks began to make headlines.