American Industry Overview: Household Refrigerators and Freezers

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household refrigerators and home and farm freezers.

Industry Snapshot

Shipments of refrigerators represented the largest share of the appliance industry and refrigerator-freezers were the most popular major appliance in the world. The total value of industry shipments in 2008 was $5.1 billion, down from the previous year's total of $5.74 billion as well as the 2006 total of $6.15 billion. There are an estimated 60 million units manufactured each year and some 500 million refrigerator-freezers in use worldwide. The industry was considered one of the most efficient in the country, leaving little room for foreign products to take any significant market share as they had in the car and electronics industries. In addition, prices of American refrigerators and freezers remained reasonable. Several stylish European appliances found a small market in the United States, but they were unlikely to take any significant market share because of their expense.