Point of view: View digital holistically

John Woodward
Publicis Worldwide

"What should our digital strategy be?” is a question often asked by clients. It's perhaps the most difficult to answer and is complicated by several factors...

Digital encompasses digital advertising, e.business, e.CRM, websites, social networks, video-sharing, applications and more. A comprehensive digital strategy needs to cover all these.

At present, we lack a universally accepted methodology. There is a universally accepted planning cycle for communications, which people tailor and try to claim is proprietary, but in digital there are a plethora of ways to approach strategy - from predominantly ROI-based, often borne of CRM, to predominantly social-based, often rooted in conversations. Spend half an hour on Slideshare - you'll end up more informed, and, more confused. To complicate further, companies are pushing individual methodologies which provide excellent ‘strategies’ for individual digital channels, but don't get to grips with how to think about the bigger question: in a digital environment where you can do almost anything, but resources are inevitably limited, what should you do?