10 trends in sustainability

J Walker Smith
The Futures Company

Greater visibility is a blessing and a curse for sustainability. A higher profile means greater focus which leads to greater accountability. The Futures Company's J Walker Smith reveals how it can aid growth.

Sustainability has long been a challenging corporate priority, and the challenges associated with it are not getting any easier. Green issues now have the full attention of business leaders. McKinsey's most recent global survey of corporate executives finds sustainability initiatives moving beyond corporate reputation to operational efficiencies and new markets and products. Yet, even as sustainability is informing more and more areas of corporate organisations, it remains a disappointment. It has yet to find a firm footing in bottom-line sales growth.

More attention and visibility is a blessing and a curse for sustainability. Higher profile means greater focus, but greater focus means stricter accountability. The things that companies take most seriously are those with a demonstrable and measurable contribution to topline growth.