Brands in the digital age: A decade of McDonald's 'I'm Lovin' It'

John Somerville
DDB Chicago

Apps, mobile, QR codes, digital outdoor and geo-targeting are among the communications used by McDonald's to sustain and build its brand in the digital age.

Successful brands demonstrate the ability to adapt and grow. When confronted by a new competitor or consumer desire, the ones who survive are the ones who maintain relevance and demand. History is littered with expired companies. Some disregarded their core competency for the sake of the 'new'. Some refused to move outside of their comfort zone.

Lasting brands find the right balance between classic and cutting edge. They find new ways to connect, while maintaining their core values. McDonald's is one of those brands. While it strives to embrace the brave new digital world, it never forgets what has made it special for 58 years.