Toilet breaks: using anthropology to tell the employee side of the story

Anjul Sharma
Synovate, United Kingdom

Becky Lewis
London Underground, United Kingdom


Life is one big story and as market researchers we make it our stock in trade to turn certain lives – the attitudes, behaviours and preferences that cascade in these lives – into stories. As well as factual and relevant, we try to make them lively, colourful, interesting and illuminating. This conference focuses on generating great stories, telling them and then living them. We also have a story to tell. But ours is not about consumers – the so-often quoted subject of stories and the central character in so many cases. Our story is about employees. They are perceived by some to be the minor character in a sexy story about consumers, marketing plans, brand strategy and new product development. We argue differently. We feel they are central characters and their story is an important theme in the consumer story.